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  1. Firekorn - Thank you very much for your reply. I was able via your help to find the correct directries. Apparent they are different based upon the method of RockSmith purchase. I did purchase Cherub Rock but apparently it didn't install into my DLC until this morning, because I could not see the CDLS until then.So I have that part now working. Strangely every once in a while when I launch RockSmith and the Debug Window pops up (from the .dll) I get a requestor that says the program is corrupt. Sometimes the next launch it will work and sometimes I have to remove the .dll and then launch RockSm
  2. This may sound totally stupid and if it is ...well it is. 2014 includes Cherub Rock... its not clear if I have to rebuy it or since I have it as part of the 2014 RockSmith purchase I'm ok for CDLC. I keep reading put the DX3DX9_42.dll in the root directory. I purchsed the Rocksmith 2014 CD. The only directory I've been able to find is steam. I don't have a RockSmith directory or for that matter a dlc directory, that I can find anyway. So where do I put the CDLCs and the DX3DX9_42.dll? I keep seeing use cmd/shift/G for a hidden directory? What is this. The very good video on installing CDLD
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