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  1. Annoying system beep gone, thank you. Is there a logfile created showing the warnings so that I can check for updated files? Obviously I'll ignore the erroneous warning for the built-in game files (as stated above) but if I can get updated CDLCs for the others, I will.
  2. E-mail sent to your g-mail with attached file. FYI - the new version issues <Warnings> on the core RS2014 song packs (songs.psarc, rs1compatibiltiyDisc_p.psarc and rs1compatibiltydlc_p.psarc)
  3. Just installed the latest beta update and I get an annoying system beep for every single CDLC and just as annoying a msg stating that the CDLC is missing come important part. These CDLCs are all functional and missing nothing. I stopped the process when it took 5 minutes to scan 20 files...with over 1600 songs I'd be waiting until May for it to complete it's initial erroneous scan. I'll try to attach a bmp.
  4. Thx. I wasn't aware of that unlocking option in properties. All good!
  5. Whenever I launch RSTK I get an error relating to a network install location sandboxing of .NET. When I close this msg RSTK launches but will never auto-update proclaiming that "Special conditions exist, update using latest online edition". When I manually download and update I then get the same sandbox error and subsequent tailspin of death.
  6. Could not find a part of the path 'd:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\RockSmith2014\cfsm\archives'. Could the problem be that double quotes are needed and singles are being used? I'm not a programmer but I have seen long paths requiring double-quotes. At any rate, that's the exception being displayed when the app exits abruptly. If I create that folder then it goes on to display the next missing folder path until finally when all folders are created it will launch and work. Then the next time the app is launched all folders have been deleted and the missing paths return with a vengeance. If you had the app create those folders on every launch then things would work - sub-optimal but work-around. NOTE: Just tried and after manually selecting the RS2014 install dir I ended up at the same archives folder error.
  7. Yes, I moved all but one file to a temp dir @ the root of my drive and I still get the "unable to find path to ...archives" folder
  8. Program still errors out being unable to find the archives dir. It launches, scans everything then dies and pops up the logfile entry.
  9. fails hard on initial launch (windows random error screen appears). On subsequent re-launch the "unable to find archives folder" error appears after app exits automagically. Update - I temporarily moved the 2 sketchy folders in the CFSM dir and it had no impact upon success or failure.
  10. Deleted the 2 worrisome DLC and the dupes folder that I had created. The CFSM folder is not empty but contains a folder "songpacks" and subfolder "originals" which has 6 files contained therein for a toal of 266 MB of data (including the 2 RS1 compat files. I'm leery to delete that randomly, I did not create it.
  11. I had tried and now just tried (after manually deleting the MyDocs\CFSM folder). I have 2 screen caps as requested but could never figure out how to upload images here (it expects a URL path?) I e-mailed the errors and logfile to your gmail addy.
  12. ...if I could find a download link that works.
  13. No luck whatsoever - I'll check back in a few weeks to see if anything's changed. Reverting to non-beta.
  14. The latest beta won't launch because it expects to find in the CSFM steam dir the following; duplicates, backup and remastered folders. To work around it I manually created those folders, only to have the beta launch once successfully and then it promptly deleted all the folders that I had created upon exit. This results in the app failing out all over again when next called upon to run. The majority of those folders exist at the root of Rocksmith2014 (not in the CFSM folder). When you do get the beta sorted please return it to where it is supposed to reside so that we don't have to do a chicken dance to obtain it. The regular download link hasn't worked in weeks.
  15. 2 issues: 1) App displays as "release version" after installation but website still shows as current release version 2) Old bug of the app trying to reinstall on each launch has returned. I haven't seen that unwanted behavior in a while.
  16. Please put the Forums link back at the top of the ignition page - it makes it easier to check for new versions of RS Toolkit and CFSM. Pls & thx Gorb
  17. The "old" bug is back, even though I have the latest version installed it tries to reinstall the same version on app launch every time.
  18. In the latest beta when using the "Repairs" tab it only processes the 1st song in the entire list and then finalizes the process, thinking no work left to do (even though there's 1200+ songs sitting there that actually need help. In my case it looks @ Skid Row - 18 and Life and sees that it's OK and then ends. BTW - Merry Christmas Is there any way to selectively repair songs that I know need fixing? I want to get Thin Lizzy - Cowboy Song fixed. Admin - please remove this posting. I just finally saw the "select all" hint - now I just have to find an easy means of doing so.
  19. That song was DLC from the original RS1 and imported by you into RS2014. I think you would need to go to the CFSM "Settings" tab and select "Include RS1 Compatibility Pack" in order to view that one. You would not be able to make any changes to it anyway though.
  20. When that happens to me it usually means that there's a new beta version available. Manually close the installer and app and then go and manually get and install the new beta. It's a workaround.
  21. Sorry I meant to get back to you earlier but I got and was able to run through my entire DLC dir. and both fixed 100% mastery bug and added DD in one fell swoop. Thx for the quick fix!
  22. When using the bulk repair tab to "add DD" and also to "remove 100% bug and reset stats" the process stops about 150 songs into a 1200+ library (actually alphabetically @ Black Sabbath - Iron Man) and then says operation complete. Oddly when I leave the repair tab and then go back to it then the green progress bar accurately shows that there's still a ton of work left to do but doesn't do it.
  23. The 1st time CF Song Manager is launched the CFSMsetup.exe does not run. Upon closing the app and re-launching it the setup now runs every subsequent time that the app is run. As previously with you have the option to say no but must do so every time or the installer will re-run.
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