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  1. @randomas,

      About the viewing angle and the 3d perspective, this should be easy to adjust (camera position and angle).

      I also have The "SharedArrayBuffer is not defined" error in Firefox. Either a bug in Godot or a limitation in Firefox.

      WebGL and WebAudio are still in development but I am already impressed with the result.

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  2. On 12/31/2020 at 1:48 AM, randomas said:

    This is fantastic, great work! Any chance of a release in some form or another? Have you considered adding scored vocals and drums like rockband?

    Will it run on linux?

    Really hope to get to try this out some day!

    Thanks to the Godot Engine, it should work on major operating systems.
    I also have a prototype that works in a web browser.

    The main limitations will come from the audio input and output latency (especially on android devices).

    About scored vocals and drums, why not, but not a priority for now.

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  3. 10 hours ago, gafotas said:

    How did you get multitrack songs?
    I am very interested, I find it very useful.
    hopefully this feature is in the new rocksmith.

    good job.

    Hi gafotas,

      There are commercial Web sites that allow you to download as many audio files as they are tracks inside (for example : www.jamkazam.com).
      So you can easily mix all audio files and choose which ones to include in the mix.

      However, the choice is limited and you may have difficulty finding the song you want.

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  4. Thx!!!!


    What that really needs is

    * Guitar Pro file support (if it is not yet  planned please include!!!!)


    * and a feature that really would make the display better than the notehighway in RS would be a seperate rhythm display for the running part.

    like : 39154131hp.png

    (ok thats a damn ugly one, and yeah up and downstrokes will not always be defined, but you get the impression of what i mean)


    Really lookinf 4ward to trying this!


    Rock, Rod.

    Hi Rod,


      - The Guitar Pro file format doesn't contain the real timing of notes and chords. So it is not sufficient by itself.

      - The feature that displays the strumming direction of the chords is on my to-do list.



  5. So I've been using this tool for a while and love it, but today I'm getting an error I haven't seen before: DDC has created a handshape with an invalid chordId (-1).


    Looking through the XML, I've found 2 handshapes that it seems to be setting -1 to. 






    I've removed and re-marked the handshapes to no avail. Removing them does eliminate the error in DDI. I poked around the source code a bit and the only place I could find a chordid getting set to -1 was in the unit tests. Any idea what may be happening here and how to resolve it? As a workaround could I use and random int for those ids in the XML?



      I tried to reproduce this specific scheme.

      No more issue with DDC v3.7.


    Thanks for reporting this

  6. Hi @@firekorn,


      First of all, I am working on this project for my own usage and pleasure.

      It's a way for me to learn how to develop with the amazing Game Engine "Godot".

      I started at the beginning of this year 2020 and only spent two hours a week.


      About the data, I'm using my own format (json files) and the main data we use to create CDLCs comes from guitar tabs found on well known websites.

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  7. Features :

    - DLC support to add new songs

    - Audio Player

    - 3D Tab Player


    New Features (27/07/2020) :

    - Graphical events fully in sync with the soundtrack

    - Pause / Resume

    - Navigate freely in the song in pause mode (go forward and backward, click on phrases)

    - Guitar and Bass Tabs for 4, 5, 6 and 7 strings



    New Features (30/08/2020) :

    - Audio settings panel

    - Support for multitracks (several audio files allowed in the DLC)



    New Features (31/01/2021) :

    - Full WebGL support : the game works with Chrome and Edge

    - Riff Repeater Panel ([R] key) to slow down the song

    - itch.io demo : Guitar 3D (password required for restricted access : CustomsForge$543210)


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  8. That's not really fixing why there's a difference between two things that should have the same outcome... The reason i can't do that is beacuse im not using the songs in the game after removing DD but using the song xml for something else.

    Hi @@Rbby258,


      Starting with version 3.3, DDC removes automatically the XML attributes that have their default value.

      In your example, "fret" attributes with a value of "-1" are not generated.


      As DDC works with the "transcriptionTrack" input either :

      - transcriptionTrack is empty and DDC generates its content (without default values)

      - transcriptionTrack is not empty and DDC uses it (with all of its content)


      So depending on the inputs, DDC behaviour may change.

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  9. Update v3.6 : (02/12/2018)
     - The "offset" property is now setted if the first beat starts after 0.000
     - New "maxMeasuresPerPhrase" parameter to disable the automatic phrase creation process based on the average number of measures per input phrase
     - Fixed bug : A new beat was always added at time 0.000
     - Fixed bug : A COUNT phrase iteration was always added at time 0.000
     - Fixed bug : The time position of the last noguitar section was always adjusted
     - Fixed bug : The maximum number of generated DD levels wasn't limited to 30


    Major improvements are :

    1) DDC now allows that the first beat has a time position greater than 0.000 second.

      A new beat is still added at time position 0.000 only if the first empty phrase is missing.


    2) The maximum number of DD levels is limited to 30 levels whatever the ramp-up model used


    3) The new phrase creation process is automatically disabled based on the average number of measures per phrase iterations

      A new parameter is added in the config file ("maxMeasuresPerPhrase").

      If the average measures per phrase is lower than this threshold, then no new phrase will be created (splitted) by DDC.

      The empty phrases identification feature is also concerned by this improvement.

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  10. @Chlipouni  Thanks for this: "If you define an XML file with only 15 levels, you are constrained to a maximum of 30 levels."


    So if I want to limit the ddc_default.xml to 15 levels for use with toolkit/CFSM, which ones would you recommend removing?  A link to a modified ddc_default.xml file would be appreciated.


    I am going to prepare it and share it as soon as possible ...

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  11. @@cozy1,


      The default XML file that defines the ramp-up model has 24 levels.

      Since DDC v3.4 each level is internally splitted in two sub-levels (one for odd measures and another one for even measures).

      Then, the maximum number of levels with this configuration is 2 * 24 = 48.


      If you define an XML file with only 15 levels, you are constrained to a maximum of 30 levels.


      As the real number of levels in a phrase is defined by the quantity of notes and their position inside a measure, it is not possible to ask for DDC to generate a predefined number of levels.


      The next version of DDC will limit the maximum levels to 30 whatever the configuration used by the user.

  12. It probably wouldn't be very hard for me to change the RS export behavior so that the first beat starts at 0s and the offset tag is written. Let me know if it's actually useful for me to do this for the toolkit's sake though.


    Thank you, for now, I am trying to manage all possible cases in DDC.



    It probably wouldn't be very hard for me to change the RS export behavior so that the first beat starts at 0s and the offset tag is written. Let me know if it's actually useful for me to do this for the toolkit's sake though.


    The first beat should be where it is, not at 0s. As for offset, might as well write it, in the case that a future update to the game suddenly requires it to be correct in the SNG file.  :)



    I think that I will force the "0.000" added measure only if the project doesn't contain the first empty phrase.

  13. I tried to modify DDC logic in order to allow the first beat to be on higher time position than "0.000".


    The result package works in RS2014, but I have the following strange behaviours :

    - The first phrase can be selected in the Riff Repeater, and I can change the DD Level for this phrase, but the purple box isn't displayed anymore !

    - The first anchor of this phrase starts at the 15th fret, but the camera position is blocked on the first fret !




    You can download the project here : Test - Test

    - In the EOF subfolder, you can find the EOF project

    - In the Toolkit subfolder, there is the "REAL PART_REAL_GUITAR_RS2.xml" file generated with DDC v3.6 (not yet released)


    I need help to discover what is going wrong ...



  14. @@Karmeleaux your PC is old and slow? I've got significant delay in graphics part of the tone change after I manually switch it I can hear it faster than amps drop down or sometimes it takes some time to load tone to the rs input mixer, but for powerful PC\MAC you won't met those circumstances at all. and yes @@iminashi has tools to fix ddc work after, not sure why @@Chlipouni haven't fixed at leas 0 sec bug yet?


    Hi Alex,


      Simply because I didn't know that bug ;)

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