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  1. Downloadable beta version is Changelog on the frontpage says it.s
  2. Hey folks, a lot of people have been talking about their Rocksmith saves disappearing and Steam cloud accidentally syncing corrupt copies. Here's a quick and easy way to make sure you have backups (little bit of command prompt'ing required). This uses symlinks which (in laymen's terms) means folder shortcuts that the application will view as actual folders. USERID is your unique Steam user ID number, for most people you should only see one user ID number in \Steam\userdata\Replace all examples of "D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\" with whatever the install folder is for your Steam. If you don'
  3. Got rekt again, the speed was a bit fast for me.
  4. Thought this was pretty hard for beginner, I insta-failed the solo. Also couldn't perfectly do the D5 to E5 slide consistently Lead: Rhythm:
  5. Heya, first time doing one of these. I got rekt pretty hard, could barely play the song on the beginner track (let alone on hard).
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