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  1. nope . im not even on ie. Just shows no files in the search
  2. I used to be able to get about 8/10 songs to play when i clicked the "play" button. In the last few months ive not found one that works. Is this now a disabled feature?
  3. I downloaded the songs for sure. Didnt visit the pages, only used the new ignition search for a couple items and used the plus button to add some of the songs I downloaded.
  4. sadly you just named the 5 or so songs they did put the budget into. Thanks for reminding me "where is my mind" is on there though. I was kinda worn out of all the songs already on rockband b4 this game.
  5. Ill make a mental note: "Dont forget to import all that unknown indie stuff that was just the lowest cost filler they could find". I dont think id even play this anymore if it werent for this site.
  6. Just a heads up. Ive magically began receiving emails for being subbed to posts and ive never subbed to anything here. What eventually happens is a lot of people will mark emails from this site as spam. Then gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc will see that lots of people are marking this site spam and they will block your domain from their servers. Maybe we can get this fixed before this happens. Thanks.
  7. Im shawn. Im 33 years old and from columbus ohio. I have played guitar off and on (mostly off?) for 17 years. My hand began to get carpel tunnel like symptoms after too much use so I kinda quit playing a lot at 17. Went back off and on but things like my guitar being damaged or my hand pain or just life in general or even boredom with my progression would get in the way. It was really hard for me to learn guitar because I like complicated/talented music and it really takes an expert to play what I like or even the classical pieces I tried to train myself with. Playing music slower than its meant to be played just doesnt sound right. I switched to drums eventually cause rockband came out and all bands seemed to be missing a drummer but my hip and knee hasnt been the same after a few years of smashing a drumset for hours a day so im more focused on guitar now. People always told me I was good and I didnt believe it. After playing a handful of times on rocksmith I actually think I am good this time. I think I found rocksmith customs on reddit just recently. Its got a handful of music I actually know and like so I dont even play the rocksmith official songs anymore. Its really nice for me to have a learning tool that helps so much with complicated music. Im also an avid gamer so this is right up my alley. Ive had ton of people ask me to play with their bands; but most them fell thru (no drummers anywhere apparently) or recently I declined since I was focusing on *learning* drums still (again that huge multi year long learning curve to play what I like). Normal people often think im in a band cause how I look so I guess I should try again sometime soon with my new skills. Keep up the good custom work!
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