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  1. So I decided to finally finish this, I already finished of Book of Souls and almost finished A Matter of Life and Death. I will be going from newer songs to older so just a bit of warning for those making Maiden CDLCs to not make the latest missing song so we won't make 2 same songs at the same time, also if I don't post new CDLC in more than a week I have probably given up :D Edit: So Matter of Life and Death is complete, now does anyone know which song has a good acoustic bass tone I could use for journeyman?
  2. Could anyone help me with finding a good tone for the 2:58 part? Can't create anything close to it myself. http://youtu.be/MK2qBEvP2uk?t=2m58s
  3. I have created tone in tone designer that I liked so I duplicated it in toolkit but it sounded differently. Maybe it is the volume, does anyone know what the default value in game is? Or is there any way to import custom tone from tone designer to toolkit?
  4. So I made my first CDLC for rocksmith and this slide is not showing in rocksmith, any idea how to fix that? :) http://i.imgur.com/reHudpb.png
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