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    BC Rich Warlock, and White Ibanez Solid body, cant remember make, starts with M
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    i dont own one

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  1. Also my BC Rich without the killswitch light lens flaring the screen http://i.imgur.com/yvhwX92.jpg
  2. I have a few guitars and a deceit amp with a pedal. My BC Rich Warlock w/ LED Killswitch http://i.imgur.com/h7fPrFr.jpg My Ibanez RS120 W/ Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB1's http://i.imgur.com/rvXqY7K.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0GXFAvq.jpg My Taylor acoustic guitar that I inherited from my grandpa when he recently passed may he rest in peace http://i.imgur.com/SfzJKQc.jpg Marshal MG10CF amp http://i.imgur.com/GtjEHC1.jpg And my Digitech Death Metal Pedal http://i.imgur.com/mBk6Zgl.jpg My Crate CA30D Acoustic Amp http://i.imgur.com/I09Z0k5.jpg My main guitar is probably my BC Rich since I use it for my higher tunings (plus the sweet ass killswitch) and my Ibanez is my low metal tunings (D standard and down to as low if not lower that Bb - flat tuning. My acoustic I could plug into rocksmith if i want to but i just use my acoustic amp.
  3. I just tune it, unplug it from the Rocksmith cable into my amp cable, and go in riff repeater so Dynamic doesn't dumb down the song when it misses.
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