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    Squire Jazzmaster, Ibanez GRG Series 7-String
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    Deftones, Gojira, Animals as Leaders, Disturbed, Mastodon, Tool, Monuments, Lamb of God, Opeth, Breaking Benjamin, Black Sabbath. I could go on forever. There are so many talented musicians out there that I admire deeply.
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  1. laner3

    CDLC Requests

    This song kicks more ass than a 7 footed ass kicking machine with the kick-ass dial set to 11 ( can someone pls do this one i'd really appreciate it thanks xoxo thx bb)
  2. laner3

    CDLC Requests

    Suggestion: Super Guitar Bros - Ocarina of Time songs (Zora's Domain, Gerudo Valley, etc.) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHXgyt8HgbgmJ2XOobFZlZA <====== Their main channel, they deserve more recognition and love. They're extremely talented fingerstyle guitarists. Would be pretty cool to have them on here, I've always wanted to give their stuff a shot. Thank you guys for the work you do, it's unendingly appreciated. Cheers.
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