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    Progressive metal music
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    I wish I had a guitar
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    I wish I had a bass
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    Absent Distance, Angel Vivaldi, Animals as Leaders, Arch Echo, Aviations, Being, Chimp Spanner, Chon, Circles, Cloudkicker, Cloudyhead, The Contortionist, Corelia, Covet, David Maxim Micic, Destiny Potato/ Sordid Pink, Disperse, Exivious, Good Tiger, Haunted shores, The Helix Nebula, The Human Abstract, I Built the Sky, Ihsahn, Intervals, Intronaut, Jakub Zytecki, Jason Richardson, Kadinja, Kardashev, Last Chance To Reason, Leprous, Mestis, Modern Day Babylon, Native Construct, Ne Obliviscaris, The Ocean, Oceill, Organized Chaos, Our Oceans, Outrun the Sunlight, Owane, Periphery, Piotrek Gruszka (Gru), Plini, Polarization, Polyphia, Pomegranate Tiger, Rivers of Nihil, Rolo Tomassi, Sarah Longfield, Save Us from the Archon, Scale the Summit, Sea in the Sky, Sithu Aye, Skyharbor, Slice the Cake, Strawberry Girls, Tesseract, Uneven Structure, Vipassi, Visenya, Widek.
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  1. I would love to see more charts of this album or anything from my favorite artists on my page, most of the things on there are not made aside from a small handful of artists/ bands.
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