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  1. Please and thank you! "Don't Make Me Wait" - This World Fair "One Man Wrecking Machine" - Guster
  2. Siiiiiiick songgg, give it a listen "Metallic Taste" - Show Me the Body
  3. NEVER BACK DOWN request cont. "Someday" - Flipsyde "Time Won't Let Me Go" - The Bravery "Above and Below" - The Bravery "Anthem for the Underdog" - 12 Stones Anything for these songs would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  4. Hi I'm new to this thread but have a few requests if anyone would like to accept. These songs as from the Never Back Down movie soundtrack, great songs that I'd love to learn on Rocksmith: (Note: Some of these songs have cool bass lines, but I am only currently learning the guitar :P) "Orange Marmalade" - Mellowdrone "Be Safe" - The Cribs "You Are Mine" - MuteMath "Wolf Like Me" - TV On the Radio Videos are below, have a few more songs from this soundtrack, will request in another post for neatness.
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