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  1. Looking forward to it. Stay healthy and take all the time you need
  2. Please. I can fill 1TB in 5 minutes if I had the bandwidth. Getting 1TB drive in a few days, 3TB in a month or so. Sad to hear. Maybe someday I'll have the patience to download them all
  3. Is there any rule against sharing CDLC folders? I'd love to get that if it wouldn't be a hassle to host/upload it
  4. http://puu.sh/nsipw/5039327e28.png This is just from the forge. I also have about 2k in my folder already. Anyone have all 19k?
  5. http://puu.sh/nsipw/5039327e28.png After some digging, I found out how to access it. Looks like I have some downloading to do.
  6. Hello I'm fairly new to the intricacies of the Ignition beta and I was wondering how I access the songs that I've added to my collection. I think I have around 1k, and it'd be a huge pain to try to add them manually searching through the 19k songs on it. I searched through the forums before posting this. The only thing I found was that someone said "Hover over the search button to access your collection" . This isn't working for me, for some reason. I'm using Google Chrome, if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance! I will check this bi-hourly, as I am very eager to get playing again.
  7. So Long story short, my friend has been riding my ass for the last year to start watching RWBY. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE THEME SONG! So I figured I should learn how to play it. After not seeing it on the CDLC database, I asked a friend and I got a copy of "This will be the day" I can play most of the song just fine, it's just the solo that gets me. I went to start it up in Riff repeater and when I open a section, it sits there grey and not moving. I was wondering if someone would be able to fix this for me if I gave them a copy of the file as I don't know how to do it myself.
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