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  1. AYO!!!! It worked! thanks a bunch it means a lot.
  2. Right Hand Tapping from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable please!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ok so im kinda dumb with GitHub and all that so how do you download that as an app bc when I downloaded it it just gave me the source files
  4. Can someone post a Mac version of Run by Joji? My converter doesn't work, and yes, I have tried literally everything out there.
  5. I've troubleshot literally everything and it won't even open from the rscustom link. And the other link I forgot where it was, the app would almost open and then say it was damaged. I tried all of the listed fixes for that, but it just isn't working. Is there maybe an online/browser converter or am I just kinda screwed here?
  6. Yo can someone do a Mac compatible ram ranch?!????
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