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  1. Anyone have or willing to do the bass line for Pac-Man Fever ?
  2. I would love the Bass line to She & Him's - I Could have been Your Girl
  3. If anyone is willing to tab the opening and closing songs for Gunsmith Cats OVA by Peter Erskine from Weather Report for Bass. Let me know as I higher quality versions then whats on youtube. thanks !! and
  4. If anyone has or can make the bass line for Boney M's Sunny.
  5. Another classic from Dr.John for Bass ( guitar sounds good, but not my bag )
  6. If anyone could do a bass arrangment for Dr.John's - Cold Cold Cold or Peace Brother peace would be sweet. and
  7. Not sure if its allowed, but Bass for Shine On by George Duke would be great ( discovered this on the + Beta ).
  8. would love a bass line for Spin - Grasshopper
  9. Would love to see anything from the Kashmere Stage Band such as $$ Kash Register $$
  10. just posted a bass cdlc for Time (You and I)


    Hope you enjoy, my friend.

  11. If anyone could belt out : Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours It would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have searched high and low for the bass tabs to learn this song, and would love it if anyone could make it a dream come true.
  13. Billy Preston - Outa Space Planet Booty - Connoisseur Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster Ohio Players - The Fop Ohio Players - Fire Brothers Johnson - Get the Funk out my Face
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