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  1. Anyone want to take a crack at laying the BASS out for these ones? Thank you!
  2. Anyone want to make BASS Tab to this Great System of a Down song? The only tabs available are for Lead Guitar. Please, and Thank you!
  3. My Jackson Concert Bass JS2


  4. I just want to play heavy Bass lines.

  5. Anyone interested in making an SABATON - Uprising tab for BASS? There's already one uploaded, but it's inaccessible! The song is about the 1944 Warsaw uprising, and would love to play it on my bass. It's has badass bass line, and great meaning. SABATON - Uprising (Official Music Video) Another great one would be SABATON - Panzerkampf The song is about the of Battle of Kursk in 1943. SABATON - Panzerkampf (Official Lyric Video) If not, look like I might have to learn on how to do it myself, which I hope I'm successful... Please, and Thank you!
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