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  1. I also have an issue with custom songs since the last game and Steam update on Catalina. I've tried reinstalling Steam and Rocksmith a couple of times, but it still doesn't work. The patch was applied successfully. I can run the game and play official songs, but when I try to play any CDLC song, the game freezes.
  2. Boston - A man I'll never be
  3. I bought Cherub Rock dlc and now everything works fine. Thanks for help. :)
  4. Were you playing RS2014 on PC before? Or only the original Rocksmith? The only other thing I can think of is that Dammit was Rocksmith DLC, and not RS2014 DLC. It could have something to do with that. I don't know where is the problem. Maybe I'll try to buy other dlc. I played both versions Rocksmith on PC with custom dlc.
  5. To rule out some things, can you answer the following please: Is your version of RS2014 legit, and purchased through Steam (or by Steam key)? Did you actually buy the DLC, and not just pirate it from somewhere else? Did you wait for the song list to finish enumerating before going into "Learn A Song"? Have you tried removing all of the cDLC that you've downloaded from your DLC folder and tried with just 1? Yes, I have legit Rocksmith 2014 and one dlc song, I download it from steam to default location. I waited couple minutes in game before I checked songlist, I tried with only one song. I had successfully played in Rocksmith with custom dlc on Windows before I switched to Mac.
  6. I did everything according to the list on the first page, but I still don't have songs in game. I have Mac OS X Yosemite version, Rocksmith 2014 and Blink 182 dammit DLC. I downloaded songs for mac (_m.psarc), I changed id to 206113 and put in dlc folder. If I run Rsinjector game starts, but songs don't appear on the list. Of course i started steam before RSinjector. I don't know what's wrong and how to solve my problem.
  7. Jakieś szanse na "Guilty All The Same"?
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