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  1. Happy Birthday Dthos!

  2. Drums? Phase Shift? 7 Lanes? in Rocksmith 2014, wrong Forum I think
  3. Sure, Click on the song entry, click the Buy button, and Poof you have it in your game, (Support the Official Content from Ubisoft)
  4. nope, you have to use your own account
  5. I'm using 4.83 ferroxcobra and have no problems online, you need to get the "cherub rock" dlc for CDLC to work
  6. did you buy / do you have the "cherub rock" Official DLC installed.
  7. I noticed that yesterday also..... Worked fine on Tuesday when I tested my new release?
  8. Try putting the CDLC in the dlc folder
  9. Dthos

    What is BRE

    E.O.F was designed for Rockband / Guitar Hero games, I pretty sure RS came along as things were in full swing so later it was mixed in also
  10. Happy Birthday Dthos!

  11. Oleander, cool, there not a one hit wonder here in sac, I would love to see you finish that one, I love it and remember them from the club days around here
  12. Just a Late 2 cents here, I am really getting in to playing bass lately, and I create my own customs from The Hal Leonard books, I has more of a Jam/Practice feel to them and yes I can tell how I play.
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