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  1. Same exact issue. Did you find a fix?
  2. The problem, for whatever reason, was created because I had the song download twice in my DL folder. I removed both, and the copied version in the DLC folder. Once everything was removed, I re -downloaded, re-tagged, and it works great. AND THEN THERE WAS SILENNNNNNNNNNNCE>
  3. I just added harvester of sorrow without issue, yet a couple blind guardian songs won't show up. Weird...
  4. Thank you for the suggestions, I'll give them a try
  5. I'm having problems as well. New dlc are no longer showing up in game. I have re applied the Apple ID but I'm still not getting the songs. Help please
  6. I have the same issue. New songs downloaded are not showing up in the game. Help please!
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