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  1. i try the Billy Talent song fuck forgot to make a screen for the 92%. but 91 is ok atm. http://s26.postimg.org/ri6sw1aqh/billy_talent_91_lead.jpg
  2. update in Judas Rising Rhythm http://s26.postimg.org/51wt3fcm1/judas_priest_rhythm_97.jpg and my funny vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAzki5ayHbk&list=UUdFbyUWf10vdcg-nepqHo8Q
  3. i played today the Judas Priest in Lead and Rhythm first Lead http://s26.postimg.org/wlxm0v4wp/judas_priest_lead_85.jpg and Rhythm http://s26.postimg.org/49767ipi1/judas_priest_rhythm_94.jpg
  4. I play guitar for almost 1 year without Prerequistites to have. What struck me, I can re-enact in Rs songs, but on my amp I'll no longer together the song. That is why I am now learning the songs that I really like and try to memorize the songs with backing tracks replay on my amp. Meanwhile, I'm ready, I know at least where roughly the sounds I hear are. I am very pleased with RS. If you only learn when aware that you tried what you want to play memorize without looking at the screen. When you learn songs from a book via tabs, not indeed the book drags with in order to play something. translated Goggel :)
  5. update for me in ACDC Lead 92% http://s26.postimg.org/s4b94947t/acdc_mmoney_lead_92.jpg
  6. update for me in ACDC lead 90% http://s26.postimg.org/qhq6de0m1/acdc_money_90_lead.jpg
  7. ACDC Lead 86% http://s26.postimg.org/6pjf0czo9/acdc_lead_86.jpg Rhythm 95% http://s26.postimg.org/5onroz82h/acdc_moneytalks_rhythm_95.jpg thx @
  8. test for MC ok its to high for me :) http://s26.postimg.org/cpbaydswp/walk.jpg
  9. i test ACDC Rhythm 88% http://s26.postimg.org/y6mk5qk61/acdc_moneytalks_rhythm_88.jpg Lead 78% http://s26.postimg.org/tm0dqt0gp/acdc_moneytalks_lead_78.jpg
  10. @@Joey I have been playing for 11 months without guitar teacher, all I can I've learned from rock smith 2014 . and a couple of videos from youtube. and if you had not always praised me I sure would not have come so far . thank you again at this point
  11. Metal fan meets the Bee Gees, with Night Fever Lead 99% strike 224 [sharedmedia=videos:videos:1115]
  12. i tested Royal Blood Little Monster Lead http://s26.postimg.org/jjk68gi6x/royal_blood_80.jpg
  13. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:758]rofl Maybe I can make 100 % but I will not try
  14. I tried the song of Amorphis in Rhythm http://s26.postimg.org/dsmjxo26x/smile_amorphis_sky_is_mine_rhythm_100.jpg
  15. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:1053] the creeping death looks if I play correctly :)
  16. update for me http://s26.postimg.org/v2v02k4rd/creeping_death_97_94_rhythm.jpg and i played it in Master http://s26.postimg.org/3tjmo23o9/creeping_death_91_61_rhythm_MM.jpg
  17. update for me http://s26.postimg.org/kfvogn9cp/creeping_death_96_rhythm.jpg
  18. hello here my scores the offspring Pretty Fly Lead http://s26.postimg.org/4piesdq1l/pretty_fly_80_lead.jpg metallica creeping death Rhythm http://s26.postimg.org/biirongux/creeping_death_95_rhythm1.jpg
  19. @@Rodman thx although it is a beginner song I had to play him 95 times :)
  20. @@Mortalo thank you, ok it 's just a beginner song but I want to play a song on my amplifier without rocksmith and this kind of music is exactly my thing
  21. @@Joey thx I like this kind of music. I am now a rock star? a bit maybe :)
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