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  1. you charts are great! I need all of the horrorwood album so badly!!!!!

  2. MR Ramen your charts are spectacular! Please put up The New National Anthem for Pierce the Veil if you ever get a chance, its one of the best of their catalog and completely missing from CDLC. Also have you heard of TV on the Radio or Anberlin? If anyone could put up some banger charts for those bands its you! 

  3. I have already charted Depression & Obsession. I can take a look at the others and maybe do them in the future

    I'm a big fan of your work Mr. Noodle.

    Thank you for this song and thank you for all the Trivium songs you have charted too, I'm looking forward to more Architects songs from the new album.


    A little request, could you please chart Royal Beggars by Architects or A Wasted Hymm or Libertine? I know Royal Beggars is in C# Drop F# and that can be a bit of a pain in the arse tuning.

    Also just because its on my mind;  Why is there no Light the Torch? their 2018 album Revival is great. New album is okay but still an underrated band.

    Anyway, keep charting whatever you want, you rock dude, and you've kept me interested on my endeavour to learn the guitar.

    Thank you, man!


  5. Hey,

    Your charts are awesome. You think you can chart the dear desolation album by thy art is murder? I would be happy af. Thanks!

  6. Happy Birthday Lil Ramen Noodle!

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