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  1. Thursday - Jet Black New Year:
  2. Andrew W.K. - Babalon:
  3. The Bouncing Souls - Kate is Great:
  4. The Get Up Kids - Walking On A Wire
  5. Could someone do the Bass for Metallica's Mercyful Fate, from Garage Inc.? The current file is just Lead and Rhythm Guitar.
  6. City Escape - Now, The Hard Part:
  7. Midtown - Give It Up;
  8. The Menzingers - Transient Love:
  9. Coheed and Cambria - Mothers of Men
  10. Slick Shoes - East On Tracks:
  11. Boy Sets Fire - Alter of God
  12. The Hush Sound - Magnolia
  13. Strung Out - Her Name In Blood
  14. Sigur Ros - Ara Batur (bass):
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