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  1. This. Also, other bands that are like Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats would be other Doom metal and Stoner Metal bands, some of which I'm really surprised to not see on Customsforge like Sleep, Electric Wizard, Conan, Dopethrone and Kyuss. Kyuss actually have a few songs made on Customsforge, actually. Yes, I know. I already put up a Sleep/EW request form. I think the problem maybe that they are a little tough to decipher from all the fuzz and you know, most songs are incredibly long. But, OP, definitely get the two available uncle acid cdlc's, they are very groovy
  2. I've only seen Kansas, Journey and Loverboy in concert, the only bands I could see since my friend was working the shows
  3. Are a lead or rhythm player? I may be a bit biased, but the first song I 100% was Stone by Alice in Chains on rhythm. Once you get used to bending, it's pretty easy, mostly staying on the E string mainly using 3 frets.
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