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  1. On 3/31/2021 at 12:16 AM, diceslinger said:

    @Rodman Well, here it is, I finally got my lead vocalist scheduled and recorded.  I'm getting better at recording usable takes, so I have two takes on guitar and panned one left and one right.  The drums are the original stripped from the song.  It wasn't as compelling to play as I thought it might be, but my daughter and I had a blast recording the vocals! 

    The picture is one from my childhood photo albums.  It is an abandoned steam locomotive, and I think it was one that the cement plant my dad worked for used to haul rock from the quarry.  I'm asking some train enthusiasts about it to see if it still exists.  I'm pretty sure there were two that the company owned, and the other is at a train museum in Colorado.  I remember we got to climb on it and pretend to drive it, pretty cool for a six year old boy who loved trains!


    Yay... first impression - goddamit, that´s the original drumline, and it´s not a cheap midi track - ugh! Who would have thought how a familiar feeling that creates. How did you strip it? Did you find a multitrack or do you have the magic tool for that?
    Very very nice guitar work, bravo. For the singing - one, and maybe the most unexpected things i have learned in our unholy journey is that singing is fun, and it´s essential in covers for keeping away the boredom. Here i really can hear how much fun it must have been to record that together. I really hope i can get my 9yo daughter to duet one of the next ones with me, though she probably will silence me and do it on her own to stop hurting her ears or smthg. Only problem is that she hasn´t begun to learn English so thats a bit of an issue, but i see what i can do.
    For your mixing - flawless. First i thought the vocals were too dominant, but thats not the case, i think it´s pretty much the grading you will have in the radio-friendly pro production. Thx for the cool pic and story.


    So... my turn - what´s next.............sir i love to say we gotta do some metal, let´s go for some hammer riffs to wake up the neighbours, i´m not gonna make it too hard, for sure not soo easy, mdeth symphony of destruction, if we dare?!

  2. On 3/23/2021 at 8:49 PM, someotherbruce said:

    If I wanted to try the Goo Goo Dolls and ZZ Top on rhythm and lead (and maybe bass) - would I do it as a Beginner? An Intermediate? A floater dude? Not so much for competing against other folks, but to see how accurately I could play the songs. 

    Hi - cool you are here!

    You may choose any difficulty you like on any path. Just post a score.


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  3. Hei Mann!

    Great to read all that.

    Esp after that concert that would have been broadcasted live was also cancelled.


    I'll be there for sure.

    Waitin for that CDLCs also 😉


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