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  1. ... it would be much needed for you to write down your impressions on songs difficulty. Here we will gather songs already selected for Championship and they will be updated with what will be your average opinion on songs difficulty level. So in the future you will be able to compare songs with the ones already selected, to help you decide what difficulty song should be.



    Thats a very professional tweak, thx for that!

    Besides the benefit for classification this will quickly lead to a very good library of CS approved songs with exact dificulty stamps! Bravo! 



    So far i can add my opinion bout Tribute - Bass: short, all 4 strings used, because of the hammer-ons its a 4, int.

  2. OMG!

    Awesome work! You are not only one of the craziest guitar players out there, you do deliver big time, too - thank you man!

    In Flames - oh yeah! - I remember the day when Jester Race was released and hit me :), definatley one of the greatest bands from youth till now. If i might suggest one more - "Only for the weak" from The Clayman.


    Again Kudos! Thx for the effort!!!!!!!!






    And of course it has already been done and is ready for dl, - thx m8 gotta try that right when home :ph34r:

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  3. The closest thing to an approved list is the played songs list in the Song Selection File in the Championship:



    Only songs with (at least one) guitar and a bass track and custom tone allowed. In the week played the files are discussed heavily and rather regularly updated - you definately wont find a wrong or very problematic file there.

    DD is not a requirement.

  4. Omg!!!! :rolleyes:


    oh god, my choice, the D is starting the new class :lol: :lol: :lol:


    So sorry there are problems w t tab :angry: , but i cannot play a solo of that difficulty (or any solo) -_-,BHMath is known to do awesome files, of course i trusted his work and there aint negative comments about any part, but i love the spirit that evrything is done to keep it in the contest, just the greatest and best song in the world.... tribute :)





    @@Nacholede and all of you:


    please check the other version: http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/tribute-r4895


    it lacks bass, BH didnt like the clean sound, so redid, but we could use the other file for bass if the solo is better in the alt file...


    Aside of that gotta say it was a extremely fun week with blink and the hard fight against the Zombies, so gotta check out this weeks songs, lets mf go....

  5. So thats as far as i can get ...





    ... because of that odd slides arrrrrgggghhhhh


    only those not counted (non mised for sure) and 2 or 3 random misses....


    has anybody else that problem - as stated above in RR 0% misses there, none counted in game (!)...

     i even changed strings to thiker size for that...


    And now even the win screencapture died :)


    Anyhow - the thing that should not be :)

    Gonna try to exit beginners lead the next weeks - probably with less challenging songs :(

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  6. @@Rodman Doing great, better than me and it was my pick....Im still less than a year into the guitar though. You speak as if you know more than me.

    I know nothing, though that for sure !!!


    I bought a few guitars bout 15 years back while studying, played a little but couldnt force myself to constant practice so last 10

    years no guitar in my hands...


    Then a few weeks ago i stumbled upon RS, while searching for CDLC stumbled upon the CS, well and here i am for 6 weeks now i think, and i am not leaving :) :) :)


    Honestly this is the thing i need to do my practice and improve my skills, cant do serious practice on a random song, but no problem doin 100 runs while competing for a 100% in the contest. Only matter is short time, tight schedule... Thats why i would prefer a 2 week schedule....



    Regarding your pick: thanks for that - shouldnt have ignored Rob all the time -

    Really fun to play, really improving my precision, and i am fighting hard for a 99+ to leave the beginners column litteraly years before i was hoping for... Though due to time issues might not gonna happen...



  7. The LeadZombies are pulling my nerves ;)


    Constant 96.5 %...


    That slide e->G between the muted Es gives me constant misses - funny fact i get a 100% hits on them in RR and i swear i play them exactly the same!!!!


    Gonna fight em again this eve hopefully!



    Tried to add autoDD with the toolkit ( for easy perfection checking ) but as a result the line with the sections was completely gone :) (!)


    Any idea???


    Could anyone do a working DD ver quickly?

  8. But other than that, here it is. The solo is literally Satan. 

    EDIT: Completely unrelated (and also shameless) if you actually want to listen to any of the jumbled pieces I create that you would call music, go here: https://soundcloud.com/brandon-bumgarner-1



    Hi Sir B!


    Nice thou art back!


    You r right - absolutely shameless and though been waited for extremely!

    Thx for sharing, its a pity i cant hear a tone from smash mouse - there is so much noise in the hotel bathing area, and for some reason they all wont shut tf up - argh how i hate all those ignorants :), and i left my earphones upstairs... damn, but just a short delay :)

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