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  1. i don't get why you say that it is a pitty that Ubisoft is in charge of Publishing and Promotion of this game, when i've seen the conference about their new Dance game at E3 i thought it was really cool and almost make me wanna buy the game while other casual game presented at E3 wasn't that well showed to the public.


    I would really love to know what are the signs that indicate that this IP is going against the wall, looking how good they do with AC or Rayman to make live those IP through time compared to other game publishers i don't really see on what you base yourself to say that this one will go down at the moment.


    Even though i have to admit that any IP at one point will always go down even for a short period of time but Ubisoft doesn't seems like a publisher that just stop something while their is a lot of potential behind.


    Thx for the reply, the slight signs they might not be pushing this series too much for me is that first there is about no Advertising for RS in europe which is really strange

    - german Amazon Ranking in Games atm steam #449, PS3 #1424 XBox #1148

    and second the official Statements for a Sequel are that there is no Sequel planed atm, they are gonna concentrate on DLC for the title ...


    Does anyone know if there is any Promotion in asia?



  2. Well, i think there are at least 2 reasons they HAD TO PROMOTE IT AS A GAME, not a musicians tool...

    First the Gamers market is a huge one, the guitarist market is close to non existent when it comes to "search for expensive Software that makes me better", besides there are a lot of tools that promise that.


    Second gamers like to game and are willing to donate their time into practise. Close to everyone knows someone with a guitar and if you are a Rockband/Guitar Hero gamer and see the first time how well the recognition of RS works you are in... As a matter of fact i showed RS to a close friend of mine (massive PC and PS3 gamer) - after trying his first song he told me to order a guitar of my choice rightaway for him :) and he is playing at least an hour a day for 2 months now....  



    I for myself am extremely happy to have stumbled over RS for it made me pick up my go Gibson SG after 10 years again :) and i am spreading the word...


    I hate to have to say it but it´s a true pitty it´s Ubisoft for the Publishing and Promotion... and there are signs this one is gonna be driven agaist the wall, too ( though unthinkable at the Moment regarding the sell and dlc numbers )...


    How ever it may be - we have that great Piece of Software in the curent state and if it is not gonna be "improved" by more Features like Drum/Keyboard/Vocal Support or at least local 4Player MP, Online MP - so be it, most of us guitarists wont give a damn.  :huh:




    P.S.: if you haven´t please buy your copy of RS2014 on any platform you use :excl: 

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  3. @@Rodman You need train Bass in mode score attack, with simple a song like is  Metric, and try get a lot "perfect". That like train with metronome, only more fun.  Unfortunately emulated bass not very suitable for it, big latency.




    Not intending to get a bass pro, though maybe i´ll grab an old bass from my brother ..... let´s see... 

    How good ever emulated bass may be, by all means it sounds damn mighty B)

  4. ... Gr8 songs, hard week ... 


    My complete asshole Computer refused to let me compete the whole weekend...

    Bluescreens over and over.. i´m on it and it seems to be the S-Ata Controller ... if it´s really, as feared a Hardware issue it won´t be fixed till wednesday evening ... maybe i´ll do a single run on the Laptop just to compete because thurday-sunday is Festival time :D  :D  :D  




    is incoming .... with


    Kyle Gass Band


    Queens of the Stone Age


    Helge Schneider

    Imagined Dragons






    :D  :D :D  

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