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  1. I've been busy lately in real life so currently i'm doing songs whenever i have enough time. Reel big fish - Beer will be fixed at a later stage
  2. Definitely The benny hill theme :P Got a tab or 2 for it aswell including a metal themed one :D
  3. changelog: Added Reel Big Fish - Beer Added Zebrahead - With friends like these who needs herpes ? Updated The bouncing souls - lean on sheena to version 1.1b added custom tone Updated The bouncing souls - lean on sheena to version 1.1 fixed sound and sync problems Updated Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors to version 1.1c fixed sound added custom tone
  4. Hey all and welcome to my cdlc thread !!! Let me start off with telling you i'm completely new at this so if you find anything wrong then just let me know and i'll try and get it fixed. New and Updated songs: Reel Big Fish - Beer - Currently in testing, feel free to try out and comment. Current work(s) in progress: NOFX - Separation of church and skate Future bands i'm making CDLC for: Suburban Legends Reel big fish Zebrahead The Dead Kennedys The Flatliners NOFX The Bouncing Souls Foo Fighters Testing needed: Reel Big Fish - Beer (needs fixing, on hold for now) Zebrahead - With friends like these who needs herpes? Finished Customs: The bouncing souls - Lean on Sheena Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors Scrapped Customs: The Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
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