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  1. For guitar would love to see the following: smash it up parts 1 and 2 by the Damned anything from Generation X first album ’Sharleena’ by Frank Zappa - dweezil plays one of my favourite guitar solos ever on the live album you can’t do that on stage anymore (think it’s no 3 in series) more jazz fusion and blues guitar - John Scofield, Al di Meola, John McLaughlin, Robert Cray, Derek Trucks, Kenny Burrell, George Benson.
  2. More guitar jazz - John Scofield, John McLaughlin, George Benson, Larry Coryell, Ronny Jordan. Tie up albums tracks like Santana with McLaughlin, Steve Lukather with Larry Carlton, etc. Any Gil Scott-Heron, Brand New Heavies, Flaming Lips. Gram Parsons. Jeff Beck. ‘Forever changes’ album by Love. ‘Peg’ by Steely Dan Earlyish U2 and REM - more tracks from ‘October’ would be great. One of my favourite guiatar solos, Dweezil Zappa playing the guitar solo on ‘Sharleena’ on ‘You can’t do that on stage anymore Vol 3’ Generally live versions of classic already heavily downloaded tracks.
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