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  1. Been a bit busy getting our new servers online, pictures of the prototype UI still to come :).
  2. Great idea! However, this is not a feature request thread :). I will set up one shortly when the application is in at least an alpha state. Yes, originally the plan was to write the application in C# and only support Windows, but since I've picked it up as the lead developer I'll be writing it in Java and it will run on any platform with a Java 8 runtime (don't worry though, we'll provide a conveinient installer for those who don't feel like installing the latest version of Java).
  3. Managed to get a bit of work done over the past few days, screenshots to follow tomorrow.
  4. Hi guys, I've been a bit caught up with work at the moment but the prototype involves something a little like the UI posted by Motive. It will be modeled a bit after the popular torrent client, Vuze. If anyone has any feedback on this please let me know. Thanks, sfix.
  5. Ok, I'm going to begin prototyping something up over the weekend for the UI. Screenshots will follow soon.
  6. Hello guys, If you didn't know already, the CustomsForge team has a desktop application for managing your Rocksmith CDLC being developed quietly in the background. We have a small team of developers about to get to work on creating it but first we'd like to pitch it to the users of CustomsForge to see how they'd like it to look / function. The initial mockup off the application would include CDLC listing / categorization (with a verbose view of the contents of the CDLC, arrangements, tuning and the like.) with the ability to do some simple in-place modifications on various meta info. The application itself will be tightly integrated with the website and would include notifications of when updates for DLC you own are availabe (don't panic, this doesn't mean you can't use the tool offline!) and also updates for the application itself. We already have a pretty good idea of what features we'd like to deliver to you guys, so I won't reveal too much just yet. However, what we don't have is a UI prototype to base the application on. We have some rough ideas, but we don't know what you guys really want. So, calling all designers and UI/UX enthusiasts, we'd like your advice on how the app should look. You can submit anything you want to this thread related to the GUI, be it a mockup, a link to an example of some fancy UI controls you seen, or a textual description of how you *think* it should look. If more info is needed to come up with an idea, then let me know and I'll add it to the thread. I'll be happy to help. Thanks, sfix. Note: This is not a feature request thread. Note 2: Nor is it the official development thread.
  7. Sorry, "if the tab is wrong"? In case you meant tag, yes, that could be a problem. To overcome it you could prevent people from entering their own tags and only allow meta information to be pulled from a centralized service.
  8. Well, the world isn't perfect. The best that can be done for those edge cases is fill in the data yourself if needed. A more reliable source could be used though (last.fm?) for better results.
  9. From a programmers point of view, it's very simple to implement. The search function could use the http://musicbrainz.org/ web service to get 'tags' (note: tags, not genre. Limiting genre to a single field would be silly, as pointed out above) on a song given the artist + song title. Obviously there could be some conflicts due to the diversity of music out there so some sort of system could be in place on the user frontend when a song is being submitted to verify that the meta information retrieved from musicbrainz is valid. If the server can't find a valid result, then allow the user to input custom tags. It'd be a great feature to have on the search function.
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