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  1. Hey guys, my wife and step daughter are taking up the guitar and I've had them playing some Rocksmith for the Xbox 360. I just got RS for the PC to take advantage of all the CDLC. They really like Taylor Swift and I've downloaded a few of the TS CDLC tracks here. The problem is, even the most basic arrangements are too difficult for beginners. They really like the "root note of the chord" beginning arrangements. Are there any Taylor Swift arrangements like that here that anyone knows of? I have looked at a few but couldn't find any. Thanks for any help you can offer. Guv
  2. You folks may be getting confused. There are TWO Library folders in a Mac. (Actually, there are THREE - but most people don't find the third one too often). There is one that's in the ROOT of your hard drive. So if your hard drive is labeled "Macintosh HD" (most of them are by default) then you might find this Library folder: MACINTOSH HD|---> LIBRARY This is the Library folder that applies to the ENTIRE computer. It has stuff in there that is in effect no matter what user account is logged in. That's NOT the Library folder we are looking for. We want the one that's actually particular to your user account. So let's say your name is John Doe and your home account's "shortname" is named 'johndoe' - the CORRECT path would then be: MACINTOSH HD|---> USERS | ------> johndoe | -------> LIBRARY | -------> APPLICATION SUPPORT | -------------> STEAMetc... Now an extra wrinkle is that the Library folder is hidden by default with the newer OS versions. But there's an easy way around it. You can just ask the Finder to open that window directly, without having to navigate from folder to folder. All you do, is while on the Finder, select the GO menu at the top, then select the option "Go to folder…" and up will pop a field asking to TYPE the folder you want it to open. Here's the super easy shortcut: Type in this window the following text (minus the quote marks): "~/Library/Application Support/Steam" The important thing (and what may have been tripping you folks up, is that you MUST put that "~" wavy line symbol BEFORE the first slash mark… that character is a TILDE. It's usually the shifted character of the single-quote mark at the very top-left corner of a standard North American keyboard - next to the numeral "1" key and right below the ESCape key. Anyway, if you type that line in the Go to folder field box, and then press return, you will be taken STRAIGHT to the Steam folder and you can now continue to navigate until you find the appropriate DLC folder. Good luck! Picture of the "Go to the folder" field box: https://www.dropbox.com/s/na5jhz7yvx72lek/Screenshot%202014-07-05%2023.36.34.png -fw :mrgreen: THANK YOU!
  3. ...And thank you for replying, by the way. I appreciate it.
  4. Have you purchased at least 1 official DLC ? ( Normally Cherub Rock ) If not the folder does not exist.Yes, I downloaded 'Man in the Box' first -- then I downloaded 'Cherub Rock' when that didn't work. I can't find the folder. I have "/Library/Application Support" and that's it-- no Steam folder. Did I do something wrong in the Steam installation?
  5. Mac: Copy file: "_m.psarc" to "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Rocksmith2014/dlc/" , you might need to use "Command-Shift-G" to go inside ~/Library since it's hidden by default in the finder; This folder DOES NOT EXIST. Where is my content going? HELP! I cannot get this to work on the Mac.
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