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  1. Confirmed working on 10.11.6 And just to clarify for people who sometimes miss little details (myself included): After the patch DO NOT USE RSINJECTOR. Instead launch Rocksmith directly from Steam. That part is in the instructions posted above, but it's easy to miss that line and it screwed me up for a few mins.
  2. I can also confirm that this strategy is working, stripped all my CLDCs down to zero and adding them back individually. Everything is working perfectly now (even better than before the Remastered update!)
  3. Do you already own the Tame Impala DLC? None of the CLDCs will work unless you change the ID to match a DLC that you already own.
  4. Hey I don't mean to be a dick here, but two people have tried to help you out in this thread and you're not really providing enough info for us to give you any real help. RSInjector and the toolkit work fine for hundreds (thousands maybe?) of Mac users, myself included. So, there's something unique to your computer or what you're doing that's leading to the error. It's pretty easy to take a video screenshot on Mac and post that to YouTube. Take a brief video of you converting a CDLC and trying to play it. My money is on one of the following: 1. Didn't change the app ID to match a DLC that you've purchased 2. Downloaded RSInjector, but not actually using the RSInjector to launch Rocksmith when you're ready to play 3. Not placing converted CDLCs in the correct folder I'm happy to help you keep working on this, but you're gonna have to provide some more detailed info. A quick video showing you complete the conversion in the toolkit, moving the converted file to the proper folder, and launching the game using RSInjector would be allow us to give you some more help.
  5. It sounds like you didn't update the ID on the CLDC. In the Toolkit, on the Converter tab, you probably listed "Source" as "PC" and "Target" as "Mac." Immediately below that is a drop-down menu that is by default set to "The Smashing Pumpkins - Cherub Rock - 248750." This is the default ID because many people own that DLC (it was free at one time). If you don't own that song, you must use the dropdown to choose another legitimate (paid) DLC that you do own. If you don't own any DLCs, you must purchase at least one legitimate DLC, and then choose that DLC in the drop-down menu anytime that you do a conversion. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks for the support Alex360 and WePeel! Re-installing Mono after getting the toolkit installed and working seems to have done the trick! I just converted 10 CDLCs with no problems, whereas I previously had never been able to convert more than three before crashing! I definitely appreciate the help, and have made a PayPal donation (which admittedly, I should have done a long time ago) as a direct result of your support. Keep up the good work!
  7. Hi Alex360, thanks for your follow-up on this. I haven't been ignoring you, it's just that the presentation of the error/crash varies. Sometimes the Toolkit just closes suddenly with no error message. Sometimes I get a partially-rendered error window like this one: http://i.imgur.com/fbuegFA.png That's probably not enough text for you to really troubleshoot, but I'll be sure to report back next time I get a useful error.
  8. Thanks for following up WePeel! https://youtu.be/Vpe0epwVNII The final 15 seconds or so of the video demonstrates the crash in the standard (non-Wineskin) toolkit when converting. I was working quickly and converting random CLDCs from "p.psarc" to "m.psarc" so I actually got a lot of conversions done in about three minutes of uptime before the crash. Usually I can only get in two or three before the tool crashes. There's also an error message around the 2:38 mark. I can repeat and get a copy of that error if you'd like. It sometimes appears prior to the crash, and sometimes does not. I think it's the same error that gomer11 mentioned in post #10. Neither the error nor the crash appear to be related to any particular CLDCs--it happens every time that I use the tool. It happened in Yosemite as well (before I had found the Wineskin version).
  9. Quick update--WePeel's instructions work perfectly to install the Toolkit on El Capitan. Start from scratch, and follow them exactly, they will work. Unfortunately, I'm still having stability/crashing issues with that version. So, I tried to make a Wineskin version that will work on El Capitan. The Wineskin wrapper was surprisingly easy to make, and the Toolkit launches correctly. I can use the Packer/Unpacker to change app IDs, but anytime I try to convert something I get a big Application.ThreadException error. This could be related to Wineskin, but given that these errors appear in the standard Windows version of the tool as well, I'm not quite sure how to troubleshoot it. If anybody has any ideas I can play around with it. If I can get the converter working then of course I'd be happy to post the Wineskin version for anybody who would like to try it.
  10. I'm also having issues since updating to El Capitan. The Wineskin version (thanks gomer11 for recommending it!) had worked MUCH better for me on Yosemite than does the standard/Mono version. It never crashed on me, and I'm convinced that there were fewer errors in the conversions. Unfortunately, that version is not working on El Capitan so I'm back to the standard RSTK. I was able to re-install Mono by following the directions in this thread: https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/issues/243 However, I'm experiencing several of the difficulties that I experienced with the non-Wineskin RSTK in Yosemite previously. Specifically: crashes after every third or fourth conversion, and some conversions don't seem to work correctly (lead to game crashes, or issues with tones).
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