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    could someone please do the bassline to kiss by prince?
  2. My set up is pretty crazy. I have my big stage rig, which i hardly ever carry to a gig set up in the studio so I use this and have set up like like this... Bass to a Mesa Subway DI/Preamp. from the mesa I use the Thru output with the RTC to my PC. The DI from the mesa runs to a 32 channel desk and recording interface and the preamp out from the mesa runs in to a rack tuner that then runs into a Galien Kreuger 1001RB II then into a 2x12 cab and a 1x15 cab. I mute the player track on the game and the pc runs back into the USB recording interface and into a channel on the desk that then goes into a pair of EV 15s with over 2000 watts and a pair of EV 18 subs with over 6000 watts .
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