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  1. When I actually load the song in Rocksmith, it doesn't start out at the beginning of the song? Like the chart is the chart I made in EOF, but the song is starting like 10 seconds in so everything is off. What am I doing wrong?
  2. The Album Leaf: Streamside, Story Board Emptyself: Liberated, Just Go On Fightstar: Wake Up, Paint Your Target, One Day Son, Tannhäuser Gate, I Am The Message, City on Fire, Animal Katatonia: Idle Blood, Nephilim, Day and Then The Shade, Departer, Unfurl The Mayan Factor: Warflower, Aim for the Sky, Beauty and the Beast Tycho: Montana, L, Daydream Ulver: Høyfjeldsbilde, Kveldssang, Kledt i Nattens Farger Sorry for the long list, haha.
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