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  1. if any one could do would you be so kind by Dodie (any parts preferably the rhythm plus a lead part you the creator get to make as a fun challenge for yourself) a little info to help this project: Key: E Major Camelot: 12B BPM: 160 Time Signature: 4/4 Thank you :) (p.s if you decide to take on this project let me know please id love to know when its done and how its going) (p.p.s i forgot to link the video http://youtu.be/5SVr4cayxIU)
  2. hey i would love if some one could tab this out for me :) https://youtu.be/lRW1JcSRPgU P.s if you also tabbed a bonus lead part that goes well with this song i'll give you bonus points :))
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