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  1. Same to me. And it happens at every updated performed by Rocksmith or Steam. I have no idea on what to do to solve this Problem, but I usually Uninstall, Install e apply patch n-times until it works. Well, I need to understand why and how to specifically solve this problem, or I'm going crazy. Any solution?
  2. Ok, I understand. So, it is better to ask for a Mac version, directly to the member who released the song? If I have converted the song from PC to Mac, may I share it to him/her?
  3. Thank you thatbassist. I've notice that I got these problems with only some file (actually, a great part of them). But I'm pretty sure that my files are .m.psarc. In fact, ".m" is for Mac and ".p" is for PC. But I usually make conversion from .p to .m (not only renaming the file name) using a Rocksmith toolkit, for the ones not available for Mac version. Maybe I need to update the tool and convert agains all the wrong files. I'll perform some tests and I will let you know. Thank you! Davide.
  4. Hi thatbassist, did you find any solution? I have the same problem and I'm going mad. Thanks, Davide.
  5. Hi guys, any solution there? I have the same problem with the same OS X version and I can't find any information about it. Did anyone solved this issue? Thanks, Davide.
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