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  1. I just went to the full record page and downloaded from there.
  2. same. any luck sorting it out?
  3. Why is the website asking me to sign in when I am?

  4. Why is the website asking me to sign in when I am?

  5. Why is the website asking me to sign in when I am?

  6. JEF

    Removing 100% tracks

    Yay I sussed it from Reddit. The repair is only on the BETA version. Hope this helps someone as stupid as me.
  7. JEF

    Removing 100% tracks

    Hi All thanks for attempting to help. The TABs i have in CFSM (v1.2.1.9 release version) has no Repairs TAB. Tabs are song manager duplicates renamer setlist manager settings and about that I can see. I think I have got as far as I can. I will remove RS2014 next weekend and start all from scratch as I am obviously missing something somewhere. I will let you know how I get on. Want to sort it out as it was a great upto the remastered version can out.
  8. I have installed the CFSM and it scanned all my songs but when I play Rocksmith it still shows all the 100% passed songs. How do I reset the songs back to how they were before the bug or just remove and reinstall songs? Any help is appreciated I feel a bit out of my depth. Jef
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