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  1. This is a crazy request right here but i dont know if it s possible, here it goes. Every single song by hatebreed for the bass.
  2. "Zombie Ghost Train- Glad Rags and Body Bags" Bass
  3. "Zombie Ghost Train- R.I.P." Bass.
  4. "Zombie Ghost Train- Graveyard Queen" bass
  5. "The Creepshow- Sell your soul" bass. thx.
  6. Howlin' Wolf- Sittin' on top of the world Bass and Guitar plz thanks if you can.
  7. Bass for Whodini- Friends
  8. Bass for Alex Clare- Too Close
  9. Bass for N.E.R.D. - Lapdance (Feat. Vita and Lee Harvey) [WW Rock Version] or N.E.R.D. (Featuring Nine Inch Nails)- Lapdance ReMix
  10. Bass for King Missile- Detachable Penis
  11. Bass for Dash Rip Rock- [Let's Go] Smoke some pot
  12. Im not sure if i requested this one already, but if i did lmk and ill delete it thanks Bass for Pennywise- Greed
  13. Bass for Buckcherry- Alone
  14. bass for Eddie Murphy- Party all the time
  15. Bass for System of a Down & Wu Tang Clan- Shame
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