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  1. ...and some Danzig tabs. Hope the tabs help if anyone that makes cdlc's decides to create any of these songs for rocksmith. Much thanks if you do. Danzig - 777.gp4 Danzig - Angel Blake.gp4 Danzig - Devil's Plaything.gp4 Danzig - Her Black Wings.gp4 Danzig - How The Gods Kill.gp4 Danzig - I'm The One.gp4 Danzig - Mother.gp4 Danzig - She Rides (2).gp3 Danzig - She Rides.gp3 Danzig - Twist Of Cain.gp4
  2. Here's some Obituary tabs as well. Obituary - Back From The Dead.gp4 Obituary - Back To One.gp4 Obituary - Cause Of Death.gp4 Obituary - Don't Care.gp4 Obituary - Download.gp4 Obituary - Final Thoughts.gp4 Obituary - I'm In Pain.gp4 Obituary - Internal Bleeding.gp4 Obituary - Redneck Stomp.gp4 Obituary - Slowly We Rot.gp3
  3. Hoping someone would post Samhain, more Danzig, and more Obituary music. Some Samhain would be especially cool since there isn't any that I've seen. I have these tabs but I don't know if they are right. Samhain - Novembers Fire.gp4 Samhain - The Hungry End.gp4 Samhain - To Walk The Night.gp4
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