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  1. Hi, I fixed my problem but I am not sure how.... I am a regular user... This is what I did: -I installed the original PS3 game and I put the converted files in the created folder. -Just to say that I have also RS in my PC with Cherub Song bought. Maybe (I don't know), it makes the difference when I converted de .psarc to ps3 files...
  2. Thanks for your replies. I am going to try again with this information... by the way, I have the original games (PS3: Rockmith and Rocksmith 2014, PS4 Rocksmith)
  3. Hi people, I am trying and trying to put CDLCs in my PS3 HEN but it doesn't work I've read different tutorials but I have some question: 1.-Do I need to buy the Cherub song with HEN? 2.-Have I convert the CDLCs to PS3 format? (I have all the CDLCs from torrent) 3.-I try to put the CDLCs in differents folders but... nothing!! /dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC /dev_hdd0/GAME/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC /dev_hdd0/games/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC 4.-In this moment, I have HEN but I have also the original game (blu-ray). Which is better for t
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