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  1. I started working on Same Old Thing. The gp tab of the lead is done, now I try to do the bass by ear.. So it could take some time to get it done.
  2. Concerning so he won't break, I could provide you the lead part, unfortunately without the solo but it is almost in sync and might be matching the gp tab you use because I think there is only one out there. If you want it, do not hesitate to ask ;)
  3. Started Dead and Gone today. Expect it to be ready in a few days ;)
  4. Case closed :) Just reopened and saved it in eof, now it works fine.
  5. All right thanks for your help, I'll try it as soon as possible :)
  6. If repacking is the same thing as readding which I suppose I have done it.. If it's anything apart from that I'd give it a try later today
  7. Okay, it's I put a Spell On you by ccr and I haven't uploaded it yet.. I'll upload it later today. I already repacked it but wouldn't work for me either. EDIT: I just uploaded it, let the fixing begin. Hopefully we'll get it working soon..
  8. I've just checked the that smell topic.. It seems to work if someone repacks this. Should I upload my file here so that someone would repack and reupload it for me?
  9. Hey, I've got a problem with a new cdlc I made and it might be the no broadway crash but it crashes AFTER and not before tuning.. I also know that it is just the lead part that causes the crashes. Does anyone know directly why it happens and how to fix this or do I have to upload some crash report?
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