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    Tamaulipas, México
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    🎸 my PayPal Commissions are open 💸
    🎸 mis comisiones de Paypal estan abiertas 💰

    *PayPal:  paypal.me/Franky9945

    ↧ Iᖴ YOᑌ ᕼᗩᐯE TIᗰE TO ᖇEᗩᗪ ᗰY ᗷIO, TᕼEᑎ ᕼEᖇE IT IS ↧

    Other than playing videogames like COD, GTA, racing games, etc… I play the guitar, bass and drums on my spare time.

    Everything started when I couldn’t find how to play some songs that I like on online tutorials, so I bought some earphones that were decent to hear every instrument, after I trained my hearing sense (it was boring & stressful at the beginning) I finally manage to play the songs that I like in my own version so I don't have to be waiting for people to upload video tutorials. Now I create all my CDLC's using my hearing sense and my musical skills, I’m looking foward to keep this community growing and letting some people recognize my work.

    I have 6 YEᗩᖇS of playing the guitar, I'm not a pro nor a beginner, I consider myself as a advanced guitarist.
    I'm willing to keep learning more and more to become a better musician. It is a long way, but I enjoy it. :)

    Thank you for your attention and have a nice day/night.
    -Sincerely Franky.

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    Squier Stratocaster Affinity Series
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    Dean, nomas dice eso quien sabe cual sea el modelo ni yo sabia que existía esa marca, es de mi tío pero funciona muy bien :v
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    Linkin Park, Blink-182, Rise Against, Green Day, Simple Plan, Disturbed, Guns and Roses, and many others...
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    Windows (Steam)

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  1. Happy Birthday FrankyFreestyle!

  2. I think they are working on fixing all the problems since that day, and you are right, this site it's a little slow but for me it's fine for what I do. And I do the same as you; copying my typing before post it in case that some error happen. And I am a CDLC charter and sometimes I had the 502 error (I think that's the number) and if I refresh the page it happened that I upladed the same song twice, and I can't find the option to erase one of those :( so the solution was that I had to make another Custom fast to edit one of the repeated songs and change it for the new one, it's annoying but what can I do. Now that I had that experience, when I upload a CDLC (since november xd) and I get that error I just close the tab and open a new one and search for the song and that's the solution for me. I hope that in the new ignition 4 we don't have those problems but we have to wait for that. And I don't know if this is the place to say my complaints but you know them already, most of the people don't leave likes or don't comment about the song, just "add bass", "could you do this one", "this is thing is bad, and this too", but the comments saying "thanks" are so rarely to happen, the charters as me we don't get the appreciation that we deserve just if the song it's too famous even if it's super bad tabbed they get the best compliments. So the new problem that I had is that I get some old comments in my Customs but I don't read them because I don't get any notification (just the replying ones), but may be there is an option that I don't check and that's the problem, but if not they have to leave a like on the custom post so I get the like notification then I can check the comments and I could see them, but if not there is a problem. It's a lost of time looking on each CDLC if there is an old comment to respond. So if I am wrong and there's a solution like a check mark please tell me, if not they should solve it in the future. And I don't know If there are new comments while I am writting this because I heard like two times a message tone in my computer but I don't see nothing. And because I can see there is 3 guys and me reading this... Good Morning!!! Saludos.
  3. - Play with a 5 string bass or 7 string guitar (I know we can do it in the CDLC but I mean an option in the game) - Add special effects like the slide with the pick from the bridge to the fretboard. - Strum pattern like up, down and middle (Eof has this option but Rocksmith can't play it, or may be yes but I don't know) - Recognize natural harmonics in other tunings or with a capo. - Add piano or keyboard. - Music video in the background like Guitar Hero Live (R.I.P) or Guitar Flash.
  4. Happy Birthday Franky9945!

  5. Hello, for your first question: yes. And for the second, you can click on the button of the top of this page that says "CDLC SEARCH" and look for the songs that you want, then you can download it and copy it into the folder "dlc" in the game location. (for the PC or Steam version the file needs to be nameofthesong.psarc) And if you have some issues or questions you can click on the other button that says "USE CDLC", it explains how to play the Customs DLC (CDLC) in the game.
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