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  1. Hi managed to make my first song. It works but when in preview mode before you go into song it plays for about 20 seconds then stops. anyone know why?
  2. Hi Guys really need - All I hear is Static by the Lillingtons and Marriage - by The Descendents. I have tried myself without much luck. Many thanks if you could brighten up my day and do this :) Willing to donate to you or your charity for your time...
  3. Been looking at Youtube tutorials all day. I got half way through and it dosnt recognise some of the file formats i have created from other programs. Due to programs being updated to newer versions and changing the whole menu structure and options around. I downloaded the pro guitar tab and edited it and loaded it up into guitar pro 7.5 fixed it as in tutorial and saved it as a .gp file. Tied loading it into editor on firewith a error in file. Tried lots of different things is there a better or newer totorial around that uses the updated programs? Cheers
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