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  1. i forget another day is you birthday yozora cheers

  2. new Utsu-P PV Psychokinesis link=Utsu-P - Psychokinesis

    1. charade97


      and fail the link i did t put

      ok now the link exist
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  3. new Utsu-P PV Psychokinesis link=Utsu-P - Psychokinesis

  4. New ETA bois "RENAISSANCE" 18th september-ish

    1. charade97


      i think i wanna buy the digital version if exist

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  5. New utsu-p album "RENAISSANCE" 2019/08/12. Hype bois

    1. charade97


      uuuuuu i m curious hype a lot :D

  6. soz for dying, stuff soon

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