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  1. robibj

    CDLC Requests

    I would like to ask someone for two pieces of BON JOVI, last efforts with a nice solo : fingerprints (CD burning bridge) blood in the water (CD BON JOVI 2020) AND THE BEAUTIFUL ........STORY OF LOVE (CD BON JOVI 2020) THE FINAL SOLO IS AFRAID
  2. robibj

    CDLC Requests

    4 songs : BON JOVI CD The Circle "love's the only rule" CD Burning Bridge "fingerprints" CD Bon Jovi 2020 "story of love" and "blood in the water" story of love has a beautiful final solo, creepy. thank you.
  3. hi,

    did you make "because we can" by bon jovi?
    I like it ..... I am bon jovi fan, I wanted to ask you a favor, when you have some time to realize "love's the only rule", I like it very much.

    thank you for "because we can ".

    1. Artaggedon


      Hi there!!

      Yes, I did. And I'm trully happy you liked it!! 😄

      The thing is, I've just started creating CDLCs and, not only take a lot of time and effort, but also I have a few others in mind that I want to do first.

      But, to be honest, I've just heard the song and I liked it a lot. The guitars are simple enough, and I think I could merge the 3 of them into a Lead and a Rhythym.

      Anyway, I'll keep you informed. But please be patient, as I have at least 5 more in the back of my head pending to be done.

      Thanks again!! ^^


  4. hi,

    I saw you made some bon jovi songs, i am a fan of them and i would like to play 2 songs that are not there for rocksmith, one is "love's the only rule" and the brand new "blood in the water", you can help me when you want and time?
    thank you so much.

  5. robibj

    CDLC Requests

    hello everyone, I would have 3 requests, 3 Bon Jovi songs: dry county (legendary) love's the only rule (most current) walls (even more current) and if someone likes Bon Jovi like me ....... Limitless thank you very much.
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