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  1. hello, i wanted to request a few songs. tesla: changes, and song and emotion queensryche: is there anybod listening thanks, its greatly appreciated semper fi
  2. can someone PLEASE do song and emotion by Tesla? This song was written by them to honor their friend, Steve steamin' Clark of Def leppard. he was such an amazing guitarist and song writer. He died terribly young of an overdose. Def Leppard were my very first influences to want to learn guitar. Im very grateful to whomever may complete this. Its a great song to boot. C
  3. tesla- song and emotion- plz thnks
  4. the browse serch option is for me, the best way to find tunes i want to learn. am i missing it somewhere in Ig4?
  5. anybody listening-Queensryche thnx
  6. can someone please create a CDLC for tesla, 'song and emotion'? as well as dokken, 'just got lucky'? i cant find a psarc for either. many thanks in advance!! C \m/
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