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  1. I dont have a ton of time but I can help out some. I have been programming in C#/ASP.NET/WebForms professionally for 15 years (When C# was released in .NET 1.0). I have no design skills but I can code someone else's artwork. HMU.
  2. I played the SE. It was beautiful. The S2s were not yet released when I tried them, but I was operating under the "its more expensive for a reason" philosophy. I ended up getting the core because I was looking around the web one night and my wife saw it and agreed that it is the most beautiful guitar she had ever seen and she decided that I should have it. Probably helps that she was trying to rationalize wanting to buy a $6000 ring. I think I made out better on the deal. Sure, her ring cost a ton, but I have a MD made PRS limited edition. :-D
  3. I was torn between a Tremonti SE and a S2 Singlecut. I compromised and got a Core singlecut limited edition. :-D
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