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    CDLC Requests

    Would be awesome if someone could make these two songs: She Gathers Rain by Collective Soul I'll Believe In You by The Tragically Hip. There is a bass part made, however am looking for the guitar parts. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Thanks ColdRampage. You were right. I needed to Reinstall the dll file. Very much appreciated .
  3. Thanks ColdRampage. I will give the page a new look over. Is this a new file? I had everything installed and working before things started to freeze up.
  4. Anyone experiencing there CDLC's freezing up after tuning? this seems to be happening with all my CDLC's. I have reinstalled Rock smith 3 times as well as re-downloaded all the CDLC with no luck on repairing the issue. any thoughts?
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