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  1. Happy Birthday Gabivad!

  2. I do have the Bass Hero Project started, but I am also planning to do other customs to change a bit! What I'm working on: John Lennon - Imagine: Bass is complete, Rhythm Guitar (piano) still needs DD and Lead Guitar (vocals) still needs to be finalized. Tones are yet to be found/created. Van Halen - Eruption: Bass is complete, Lead Guitar just needs DD (tech notes are included!) Yes - Roundabout: I just have started this one; please be patient! What I've already released: Nothing - yet If you think you can help me in any way, you are greatly welcomed!
  3. Not working because EOF won't let it go further than the 3-purple By the way my name is not David :mrgreen: It's gabivad
  4. Hi, I would like the 0-blue to be a sustain that goes after the 3-green, just like that http://puu.sh/7xtS8.PNG Is it possible in the current version? If yes, how?
  5. Here's my score :) http://puu.sh/7jS01.png
  6. Thanks for your support! I'm waiting to see your CDLC :)
  7. http://puu.sh/5Ghqf.png I’m proud to announce my RS2014 CDLC project: Bass Hero! It’s very simple; I’m just doing CDLC for bass players of Guitar Hero songs! (GH 1 to GHA excluded)The advantages are:-I have the files for every instrument; this means I can take the bass-only audio files and make the most accurate tabs possible! I think that’s important, because the bass players often have bad tabs, due to the fact we can’t always hear it very good in the original songs-I have access to the GH files, so the tempo map is already fixed, and notes position too! Gain of time guaranteed!-Vocals are also already made, so you will have them for every song! -By not making guitar, I’m having a huge gain of time; every CDLC I make for this project will have most functions such as dynamic difficulties, custom tones, potential automatic tone changes, etc…-I am choosing songs randomly; this means you will have a large variety of music genres and you have no excuse to be jealous!-If you want to do a guitar part, go ahead and send it to me! Your contribution will be directly integrated to the pack.-If a CDLC for a song's already made with bass but the bass tab doesn't looks right, I will ask to the creator if he accepts my help If you have anything to ask; anything you want to be changed, please ask in this thread! You will be joyfully answered! Here is the list of songs already made: 13 GHWT:Rise Against - Re-Education (Through Labor)Lostprophets - Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) GHM:Sytem of A Down - Toxicity (removed for being officially released)Mercyful Fate - Evil GHGH:Extreme - Play With MeTwisted Sister - I Wanna Rock GH5:David Bowie - FameJohn Mellencamp - Hurts So GoodBilly Squier - Lonely Is The NightMy Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday BH:Snow Patrol - Take Back The City GHVH:Deep Purple – Space Truckin’Foreigner - Double Vision
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