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  1. Relax, the important thing here is to learn and help each others to improve. Sometimes there are harder songs. Check the songs from previous weeks. In about 3/4 months you will be doing fine in lots of songs fif you keep playing.
  2. Well i checked Wolf and Raven and its nutz, Its so so fast. I RR the intro and could do it at 62% speed correctly. Probably i can do raise it to 90% but more than that should be beyond my current speed... Its a great song if you want to improve your speed.
  3. Sonata arctica is a hard song. I love pink floyd money I probably prefer to play Money this week but out of the charts. I played it many years ago. Its a fantastic solo.
  4. final score. Best i could do- Only improved streak today tiny, tiny bit.
  5. If you remember your score and streak i think you can post your score You may later post the screenshot to prove it. I Hope i have sometime later today to improve my score.
  6. Donated on day 2. But i think they didn´t identify me as donator...
  7. Won´t be easy doing much better then this... Fantastic how Championship things got done so fast in the new forum.
  8. Yesterday also find out the atacking the strings much more improved the note recognition. I think Rocksmith does the note recognition after the sound preset. So this also makes big diference. Iam with a new nick. Lest week i was close. This week lets see if i have time to reach 95. Doing 90 on SA now
  9. In a few hours a new place is up and running.This shows how powerful is the internet and this community.I which the best to this project.
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