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  1. Enable windowed mode and it will work. Also have that problem if i try to past the screenshot directly to paint. Now iam using only steam screenshots. i edit then i paint so they won´t be to big then i upload then no a public folder in my onedrive.
  2. RR is mandatory to start playing in SA in lots of songs. And even so if you check previous MC scores some weeks no one reaches SA. You acctually start playng the song when you are able to do it in SA. There were some songs that i scored near 90 but truly i am not able to play line the Unforgiven 3, Wolf & Raven, La Villa Strangiatto.... What i like about a song like Somedy to love is that i can acctually play it now! (You need scores higher then 95/96 to say this)
  3. be proud. Now do same RR in the solo. start slouly and increase 1% each time you do less than ten mistakes. I hope i have same time to play tomorrow. The only way to get near thrallsa is to RR the solo till i complete it always below 2/3 mistakes
  4. Well you made it almost impossible for me. Great Score!
  5. Hi, getting closer to the impossible!!! I would like to thank my pacifica. When i start playing with it my mistakes went to half!
  6. well, making same pression on thrallsa 98% is possible but better than that should be impossible for me with the "random" mistakes. On the solo the best i did was 4 mistakes. Maybe i can be more consistent there as i performed from 4 to 12 mistakes a lot But i believe someone may reach 99%
  7. Well its great to have a shorter song this week on MC. Some rest is good and definitly there will be more than one person above 97% As @@Smile is gonna to try MC this wekk i think a lot of people will go for it too. I think a lot can go above 80% but the songs is a litlle bit tricky on same small parts. So it will be hard to reach 98/99/100 but someone will do it surely. I will try also. This is my first try after same RR. @@ARod Its great to have you back. Some people that used to play in Smithys hasn´t arrived here yet
  8. i am playing this song with a maison strat that i bought in 91 for about 90$ if i still remember correctly. (but has dimarzios since mid nineties...) Check the intonation and you will be alright with a squier with 010-42 or higher My Epiphone Les Paul with 09 is impossible to play in Eb in the higher frets Yeah, my Squier has 09's on it which I just put on so I'm not really interested in changing that. My MH-50 has 010's but, it looks like I'll be forced to fix it and try to find something temporary to keep the battery from continuously falling out. I rised the action of my Les Paul a litlle bit and it improved. I guess the action was really low and when i tuned down to Eb i had same trouble. Now i can play with it but with my cheap maison its still better because of the 010. My Maison strat was my first guitar and i like it a lot. With dimarzio and upgraded tuners it plays very well. Have same swiches on it to slit coils and change phase. its fun. I will keep it forever
  9. getting closer to target EDIT: Had the wrong image. Corrected. Now the real 94.95
  10. i am playing this song with a maison strat that i bought in 91 for about 90$ if i still remember correctly. (but has dimarzios since mid nineties...) Check the intonation and you will be alright with a squier with 010-42 or higher My Epiphone Les Paul with 09 is impossible to play in Eb in the higher frets
  11. @cauzt1cz The rhythm part is a litle repetitive. Once you get it you will score much higher. The secret is to position the fingers correctly along the different sections
  12. Here´s my first entry. Still a lot of work to reach my goal, witch is go over 95%
  13. reached 89%. Still a long way from target. Started with 09-42 strings but its impossible to play this song with this gauge in Eb. So you need at least 10-46 to get good note recognition and "bend control"
  14. I think everybody from lower classes is very welcome on higher classes. But i think its best that if higher class players play lower classes they shouldn't score to have a better competition and motivation the lower class players. @@Thrallsa - last week it was cvery close as in same of the last weeks!. Great playing! I love November Rain but never played it before. Already tuned my Epiphone Slash to Eb. Its great to play this song with a Slash Les Paul If i have enough time this week i will try to go beyond 95!
  15. I know so good, what you are talking about. The Championship on CustomForge is a great motivation to keep focus on every section in one song. Hope to get similiar good scores one day. Keep on Rockin' Keep on rocking Kasnitch Music is great and never is late to start. I will play till i die.
  16. final post this week. The solo of the metallica song is really hard. I think i could only play it learning it slouly for a couple of hours.
  17. Here my first entry. Couldn´t post steam screenshot.... First try after same RR on the rhytm parts. Did you use your fingers or a pick? To improve i must work on the solo. Hope i have time for it.
  18. Iam not being able to post with image. Strange
  19. Well, my injury in the finger is almost gone and i only got time now... i think iam a litle late
  20. its a very simple song. You will memorize it fast and that will help a lot. (But if its acctually to hard maybe you should choose another) This week i don´t know if i can score. I have my left hand index finger injured. Its was something stupid when i was doing maintence to my guitars. I really like Sweet Child o' Mine. Maybe in 3/4 days i can play
  21. At that speed i have a lack of coordination between both hands. I think the lighter pick helps to hide that issue. normally i also use 2mm picks. But it was good because this challenge made me increase my speed a lot. I should be able to play about 20% fastest than 2 weeks ago...
  22. Well i got the minimum. Now i can rest in peace This song requires speed and hand coordination that i don´t have. The solo ir very fun. one tip, Use a light pick ( I used 1mm)
  23. A small guitar with 21 frets is very nice to play. If what you are playing doesn´t require more its perfect. In 94 when i bought my first expensive guitar it was quite an investment for me. I was still a student, had to take a job for a while to get money and i tried to make the best choice i could. One of the guitars i liked back then was Ibanez JS. The arm was great and just perfet for me. But it had only 22 frets and i wanted a 24 frets guitar. Never played one of those Ibanez since then but i still remember and miss that guitar, Some years later i realized a 22 frets guitar or 21 are great to play and you actually don´t need more than that 90% of the time. i still enjoy to play my first guitar, a cheap Maison with 21 frets that i heavly upgraded in the 90´s (But i have 3 24 frets guitars in my colection)
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