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  1. Maybe you can find a torrent with the CLDCs not the paid DLC that would be illegal and not advisable. The more songs you have the longer it takes the game to get the database library file ready each time you load. Forget exactly the wording it uses but normally its a few seconds. Add a few thousand songs and be prepared to wait a while.
  2. I will defiantly check that out thanks ! I saved the page and will give it a try tomorrow. Saw my interface on the list.
  3. I got my Audio Interface to work as a speaker output. Have not tried to set up the guitar input through it as a mic yet. I think its possible to tell the game to use microphone for input and tell windows to use the interface in recording properties. I don't know if by me changing that line to 1 in force default audio device mattered, but 1 would be true and 0 false. This is what I set to make it work. I also disabled the other output devices like my the built in motherboard audio and the NVidea audio in the same sound properties on the top left in case it confused rocksmith. make sure the audio interface is not trying to use anything but 48,000. Or it told me no sound device or it simply would not have sound and just show animating speakers with no sound in the game. Hope this helps ! Oh, I leave audio exclusivity on when the game is booting until the intro screens are playing the warming up guitar sound then I alt tab to the sound options and uncheck those two boxes with audio exclusivity and I get a much louder playback that seems correct for my volume settings. For some reason that setting makes everything very low volume in game. I leave it on in the program too, but trick it while its booting up. You will know if it worked when you alt tab back and its a lot louder. That is when I am using my internal sound card for sound. Don't need to fool with it with my audio interface cause I have separate volume for speakers and earphones.
  4. I bought the M-Audio Air 192/4 that connects with a usb-c. I select it as primary sound device and Rocksmith also tells me no audio hardware found basically. Editing the Rocksmith.ini there are other settings not found in the game... [Audio] EnableMicrophone=0 ExclusiveMode=0 LatencyBuffer=1 ForceDefaultPlaybackDevice=0 ForceWDM=0 ForceDirectXSink=0 DumpAudioLog=0 MaxOutputBufferSize=0 RealToneCableOnly=0 I have not tried to tinker with the settings, but maybe someone here has idea if it would yield any results.
  5. Rezodrone - Resist and Disorder ! also known as Everything Burns from Cyberpunk 2077 This guy did an amazing job covering it. Rezodrone - Resist And Disorder(OST Cyberpunk 2077)(guitar cover by Dmitry Klimov) - YouTube
  6. Mighty Joe Plum - "Fifteen Stories" Goo Goo Dolls - "Naked" Would be very grateful for either ! Lead, but would enjoy rhythm or base too ! Thank You !
  7. Anyone who I expressed how off the replication of the guitars in thier versions, the problem was on my end. Once I connected headphones everything was fine. I tried to recall who I complained too, been a while back. Sorry. I did want to know though, how much better would a proper guitar amp sound compared to a home stereo amp pushing shelf speakers ? Thanks
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