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  1. I need following informations to investigate : - Release number of the Toolkit - Package that gives you this error Thank you thanks for the help, but i have given up on cdlc, with the multitude issues i am having trying to make dlc and some rude people from fourms.
  2. i have reloaded the song and everything is in sync now, thanks for your help.
  3. i put in the song delay and moved the notes, all seems well to start with, the start of the song, the waveform, audio, and notes match up, but after that the waveform and the audio seem to have different speeds as the audio overtakes the waveform, also to get the av delay synced i needed 800ms.
  4. i used the delay song in eof files to sync the notes with the music, is this not right? i tried the delay you mentioned (25920) and all the notes are now at the end of the song, did you mean to use a smaller number or use this number and move everything to compensate?
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PSvlSC5M4JtpUzlHKnKYjS7eRsiS0iIh/view?usp=sha i am having the same audio issue on all songs in eof. i have checked and ajusted the audio delay. the song i cant generate the waveform is 99 min long, and just says unable to generate waveform. thanks.
  6. https://imgur.com/XkPz1DK this shows the issue the note is placed where it can be heard, and the waveform says otherwise. memory is not an issue unless eof needs more than 32 gb.
  7. my eof is having issues with the waveform graph, the wave form isnt syncing with the audio, and i am unable to generate a waveform for longer songs. are there any fixes for these issues?
  8. Hello, im getting an error while unpacking, saying unpacking is complete and .dds conversion into .png is ok. Any advise?
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